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Multiple Intelligence_DVD • english

Multiple Intelligence in Danish Education

To work with Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence ist o make the students aware of their own and other’s strengths. In addition, it offers the students a broader education that focuses on those strenghts.

These four films, each approximately 10 minutes in length, are some good examples from within the Danish educational system. In Stjernevejen school group feedback is used to make intelligence profiles which are then put directly into practice. At Hoptrup school, Multiple Intelligence has helped create a positive learing environment. Herskind school works with intra- and interpersonal intelligences. And in Toftlund school’s special needs class, they work from individual educational plans.

The film is aimed at teachers, students teachers, headmasters, school boards and parents. In short, it is for all those who wish to see and learn how Multiple Intelligence can be put into practice in the classroom.

Stjernevejen school – 2.Klasse
Hoptrup school – 4. Klasse
Herskind school – 7. Klasse
Toftlund school’s – 7. & 8. Klasse

Mit Unterstützung des Dänischen Unterrichtsministeriums

DVD Spieldauer 45 Min
Verlag: Filmkompagniet DK
Sprache: Englisch
Art: 978-3935758253
Größe: 19 x 13,5 x 1,5 cm
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